One thought on “Min fina, fina trio

  1. Hi!

    I am so sorry if I’m not supposed to ask about this. I am planning to take a Kelpie and I have searched many pedigrees since I found one generation which has left epilepsy. I don’t know if you had owned Vickulas Jet or not (I followed some old link). She is marked dead at age four, but there’s no explanation. I know that her brother has epilepsy and I was hoping her death to be an unlucky accident.

    It just if there’s any other epilepsy dogs in litter J, I am going to pass my puppy plans. One of litter J’s dog might be in third generation if I end up that currently planned litter. It’s not locked yet, but I think that’s a too high risk.

    I hope the very best for you, your family and your dogs.


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